Photography is one of my favorite passions that was passed on by my mother. In our family, on my mom’s side, my mother was the family historian with a collection of photos that spanned over three or four generations of family and friends. I grew up around many photo albums which eventually rubbed off on me.

My first experience with photography was when I got a camera as a Christmas gift when I was 19. I’ve been through a lot of cameras since then, but my favorite so far is the Canon 5D Mark IV.  

My professional experience with photography started parallel to my writing career as a reporter. At every publication I’ve worked for, working with photos has been a part of the job description. I either had to color correct, crop, resize, scan or cover events as a photographer. Being a photographer became a favorite part of my job, so I invested in professional photography equipment. From that point on I started going for more photography assignments and got them.

Some of my favorite assignments include shooting photos of an F-15 refueling at 10, 000 feet in Chile, Army-Navy Games, Medal of Honor ceremonies at the White House and Congressional hearings on Capitol Hill. Shooting photos as a volunteer for the Western Oregon University football team during one of their seasons was also quite an adventure. I traveled with the team to a few games and covered some of their practices and events in Monmouth, Oregon. I shared the photos with fans and parents.

Photography is truly one of my favorite passions.

Pope Francis in Washington DC, September 24, 2015.

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