Web Development

Web development has always been my go-to-skill for survival. Early in my career when I usually had to work a second job to survive, building websites for small businesses was one way I generated extra income.  

Web technologies have evolved and made it easy for anyone with basic computer skills to create their own website or mobile phone apps. 

I learned HTML and some basic CSS code but now I focus on learning evolving technologies for content management systems (CMS) like WordPress.  I have a lot of experience working with CMS, but WordPress is by far my favorite one to work with because it is continuously evolving.  

The project I’m highlighting here, WoodburnSchools.com ,  is a news website hosted on a WordPress  CMS. 

Stars and Stripes Web Projects

This project was a colloaboration of several eidtors and reporters. I designed and developed the microsite for the projet using Adobe Muse.

Reporters Chris Carroll and CJ Lin provided the copy, photos and video for this project. I designed the website using Adobe Muse.

Reporter Eric Slavin writes an analysis on military power in the Pacific. I developed the website and interactive media using Adobe Muse.